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Fog Free Face Mask

  Made in Canada

Ready to Wear kinesiology tape face mask. No Cutting or filter application required. These come pre-cut and with a filter pre-installed. Just peel, stick and go. Perfect for wearing glasses over as the full seal prevents any frustrating fogging! The fabric is designed to mimic human skin allowing for a comfortable, flexible fit that conforms to unique features of the face while maintaining that complete full-seal around the nose and mouth.

  Made in Canada

The masks are made from a high-grade cotton elastic material with 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. The release line is made from silicone-coated paper. There is NO latex, NO gluten, NO ointment, and NO zinc in the product.

Available in different colours

* Please note that the “Ready to Wear Face Mask” are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable.

 Fog Free Face Mask Benefits

  Made in Canada

  • Stretches with skin to stay in place
  • Eliminates gaps around the nose and mouth for a full seal
  • Eliminates fogging of glasses
  • Eliminates need to frequently readjust
  • No cutting required; comes with filter material installed
  • Ready to wear
  • Breathable
  • Disposable for increased safety
  • Suitable even for moderate activity
  • Includes 10 masks in each package

Fog Free Face Mask Specs 

  Made in Canada

Suitable for use in many occupations as well as personal use.

Product Measurement (Width x Length)

100mm x 20cm

4″ x 8″


Face Protection Strips

  Made in Canada

Protect the sensitive skin on your face with a gentle kinesiology mini i-STRIPS.

Now there is a solution to face mask skin damage & irritation. By combining masks with gentle Kinesiology tape, you can protect your skin! The gentle material is made for the sensitive skin on your face. Gently rub to activate the adhesive. Simply apply the mask of your choice on the strips. Remove and reapply masks as needed without removing the strips.


  Made in Canada

  • Protects your sensitive skin on your face from injury, irritation, and scarring caused by continuously adjusting face masks
  • Easy adherence of face masks
  • Gentle for the sensitive skin on your face
  • Mini i-STRIP across the bridge of your nose also helps improve your breathing

There is NO latex, NO gluten, NO ointment, and NO zinc in the product.

Please note, the skin on the face may be more sensitive than the rest of the body (due to oily skin, dry skin, acne). Peeling off the face requires a different technique than removing tape from arms, legs, shoulders etc.

Face Shields

 Made in Canada

  • Forms a barrier to protect your face from respiratory droplets
  • Designed to keep those exposed to the public safe
  • One size fits all
  • Custom branding available

Face Masks – 3 Ply

Disposable Face Mask – used to protect against viruses, bacteria, and light fluid exposure. It is water-resistant on both sides with the middle layer providing >95% greater bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE).

Recommended for Dental Clinics, Pharmacies, General Medical Clinics with Light Fluid Exposures, and General Public Protection.

  • Earloop
  • Easy to Breath Through
  • Comfortable with Soft Fabric
  • Disposable



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